Job Entrants Podcast 3 Step 1 Environments

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Step 1:  Define the job’s environments.  Every job operates within definable environments.  You can describe these as internal and external environments. Internal Environment The Internal Environment is the space where the job happens.  We define the internal environment by all the ‘things’ that are within that ‘unique’ space.  These things can include: equipment, furniture, utilities, appliances, …

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Corporate Podcast 3: The 7 Steps for Organizations to help Job Entrants be Successful Quickly

Corporate Podcasts Podcasts

Most job entrants want to get off to a good start. They want to make favorable impressions quickly.   However, most job entrants approach the first few days of employment hesitantly.  Typically, they wait for someone to set them up and get them started.  They expect people in the organization to step forward and enthusiastically offer …

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