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I help organizations bridge the “Onboarding Gap” to stop leaking money.

I help in-company mentors learn how to coach employees to use the 7 Steps effectively to save organizations money and deliver improved customer satisfaction, improved employee relations and improved productivity.

I do this through my 7 Steps software, books, and by providing online courses and in-company consulting services.

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“New Job? Fast Start! 7 Steps –
to be seen mastering your new job quickly”

You aced the interview and finally landed your first job. Now comes the hard part: learning your responsibilities and proving your worth. Like most new employees, you’re likely eager to take on this challenge. But you’re also probably overwhelmed by the new training, information and people within the organization. You need to adapt quickly – but how?

New Job? Fast Start! is an informative guide that teaches you to focus on critical elements in your position and to process them into positive workplace results. Author Les Cowie provides an “X-ray view” of a typical job and seven critical steps to follow. He explains how to define your work environment by learning the internal work space and familiarizing yourself with external communications. He also discusses how to recognize the job’s flow by tracking typical and disruptive work patterns, analyzing task frequency and developing a chart of the processes.

Additionally, you’ll discover how to document important tasks and create helpful checklists. You’ll also learn how to anticipate and prevent possible mistakes at work. Finally, you’ll find out how to identify and focus on your most important job responsibilities. Master these areas and you’ll make a lasting impression!

7 Steps for Employees to be Successful Quickly
– In-Company Mentor Edition

Solve the problem of getting new employees to perform at high productivity in less time by equipping In-Company Mentors with the 7 StepTM coaching tools.

How does your business prepare staff for their positions and job responsibilities? Following your onboarding process with payroll and benefits orientation and, perhaps, some excellent online videos on the organization and its policies, do you provide detailed job-specific training?

Les Cowie offers a straightforward, practical, 7 StepTM solution to help learning developers and employees rapidly analyze, capture, and deliver relevant job content. By training In-Company Mentors to coach and guide employees in the application of the 7 Step approach, an organization can achieve employee satisfaction, improve customer service, and enhance productivity quickly.

Once in place, the 7 Step system can

  • offer employees the information they need to be seen mastering their new job quickly
  • focus and energize in-company talent-development teams using content rapidly captured using the 7 Step software, and
  • establish a digital job library filled with spatial computing and conventional training content.

Cowie cuts to the heart of the matter—helping learning developers and employees quickly research and capture the relevant job content necessary to do their jobs effectively. His system easily integrates with existing corporate career development policies without increasing costs. 7 Steps for Employees to Be Successful Quickly is a high-return process capable of transforming your organization.

Give me your email and I will provide some free coaching to avoid plunging into the On Boarding Gap. Sign up now.

About the Author

Les Cowie has enjoyed a distinguished career working with venture capital groups in the USA over the last 27 years.  He has been involved in the acquisition and development of medium to large businesses including manufacturing, commercial and service enterprises.  In each case his involvement led to a sale of the business or an IPO on US stock exchanges.  The success of the business has depended on strict attention to process improvements and talent development.  Les developed a practical methodology for organizational trainers to follow which helps them quickly analyze critical occupations, determine the minimum necessary training content required for initial talent development and deliver instruction through a combination of web-based videos and simple job-related simulators available to prospective employees via computer, digital pads or smart phones.  The approach changes the role of instructors from being ‘talking heads’ to productivity coaches.  While there is nothing new about the learning technologies and techniques he advocates, his combination and sequence for the occupation developer’s process is innovative and down-to-earth.   When Les’s newly graduated daughter had to learn a new job in four days she used the 7 Steps Les teaches to employees and In-Company Mentors.   She shattered all records for learning a complex new job.  Les then realized that every new job entrant should apply these 7 Steps to be quickly noticed as successful.

Trapped in the Onboarding Gap?

Are you challenged by that treacherous gap between conventional on-boarding and knowing how best to perform in a new job?

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“Be seen to be mastering your new job quickly!”

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Read the full Forewords by Rich Ungaro – CEO – RU Investment, LLC Orlando,FL, in both Books.  Rich is well qualified to comment.

“Most of my professional career has been spent with very successful, high-growth companies.  To support a quality growth rate, a company must attract and develop the most talented candidates and prepare them for future leadership roles to sustain that high-growth rate. 

This book would have been mandatory reading in all those high-growth companies because it clearly outlines the importance of personal development to meet the future leadership needs of the organization. 

If you are starting a new job, the information in this book is important for you to read and comprehend because the material will help you be known as a self-starter and a potential rising-star within your department and ultimately your company. If you are not starting a new job, the information in this book can be a road map to helping you stand out among your peers by demonstrating your initiative, adaptability and “added value” to the company leadership resulting in a more rapid progression through your company’s structure.”

Rich Ungaro has an extensive 40 year career as a Senior Executive with a special focus on turnarounds, differentiating brands and exponential growth that leads to sustainable competitive advantage.  Rich’s experience includes national corporations like Burger King Corporation and Wendy’s International.  From 1990 to 1997, Rich served in a variety of executive positions with Blockbuster Entertainment Group.  His last assignment was Executive Vice President for all 6,500 domestic retail stores.  Rich also served as Zone Vice President for Starbucks Coffee Company when the company had only 9 retail stores open within the East Coast markets and 250 retail stores nationally.  Within 24 months, the East Coast team opened 150 new retail stores at a rate of one new market each month.

Alan Poulton – Snr. V. P. of Sales, Amano, Inc.

I have known Les Cowie all of my working career. He has had a major influence in my life by providing advice whenever I have needed it. As a key mentor, he has taught me many principals from his vast experience that have helped me be successful in my endeavors. I have used these principles to teach others and build strong skilled teams. He taught me the Pareto principle early in my career and I still use it to this day sharing with many of my new employees. I am certain that with all this experience and practical advice anyone can benefit from his easy to follow books.

Mike Stewart – InternetAudioGuy.com, Nashville, TN

I have known  Les Cowie for almost thirty years. I witnessed his talent as a client, producer and creative force all those years.  I can confidently say when you work with Les, you are getting the absolute best and your life will change.

Jeff Caldwell – Superior Recreational Products, Carrollton, GA

In my 17 years of private sector experience in the manufacturing industry I have managed a variety of business functions and owe a great debt of gratitude to Les Cowie for equipping me in so many ways.  Les has spent time teaching me the fundamental points of business, how to on-board and motivate human capital and how to make the business functions successful. Thank you Les for putting the  pieces of the puzzle together over the years and I’m excited to read your book! If you are a manager, leader, entrepreneur or job entrant, take time to follow Les and get a hold of his wisdom and practical thinking.

Robin Cowie  Producer| Madden NFL | EA Sports| HELO Experiential Marketing

My father has been my greatest mentor and coach for over 45 years.  From the youngest age, he taught me debating, public speaking, sports and how to develop relationships.  When I produced my first movie, “The Blair Witch Project” he honed my negotiating skills.  He later worked for me as a VP of Development.  He built lasting strategic relationships with eBay, Amazon, UPS and others.  When I continued making movies he coached me on finding and closing sources of investment. He was developing these books when I started producing for EA Sports.  They helped me make sense of the complex challenges in gaming and how to work in such a large corporation. I feel so fortunate to have had a life time of his brilliance.  I know he can help solve some of your challenges just as well.

Jonathan Moore, Product and Technical Sales Executive

I have known Les Cowie professionally and personally for more than 10 years. During that time Les has provided me with invaluable guidance and career advice, which I still follow to this day. When I was starting out with my career as a Technical Sales Engineer, Les introduced me to the Pareto Principle, a simple concept that has had a profound impact on literally all aspects of my work. That, combined with the seven steps, has enabled me to “eliminate the noise” and see the most efficient manner in which to perform tasks and get results, without wasting time on unnecessary activities that simply don’t matter in the long run.