Blog 1: New job? Don’t plunge into the On Boarding Gap!

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New job?  Don’t plunge into the On Boarding Gap!

Been there before?  You go through the sign-up procedure and complete all the paperwork.  Then you participate in some presentations on benefits, organization, culture and employee policy.

Then you have to take the big leap and not plunge down that treacherous on boarding gap. It happens when they walk you across to your new job, introduce you to whomever is there at the time and then dump you to learn the job content by trial and error.

You want to be productive quickly.  However, supervisors or colleagues make excuses about being busy and give you short snippets of training in a random order. Often new job entrants become frustrated and confused.

The solution is 7 simple steps.

There are 7 X-ray views that apply to every job.  If you’re equipped with these 7 Steps and know how to research each view equipped with the right ‘Things-to-Do’ and ‘Questions-to-Ask’, you can be proactive and set about gathering the job content and processes quickly.  Target the right people, do the required things and ask the right questions.  You’ll be a winner very quickly.

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