Corporate Podcast 1: For Organizations Who Wish to Make Job Entrants Successful!

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Les Cowie offers solutions to executives, managers and supervisors who wish to make job entrants productive quickly.  Recruitment is one thing.  On-boarding is another.  But providing  specific job training for new job entrants is a challenge for most organizations whether commercial, manufacturing, healthcare, service, education or government. Cowie explores the challenges faced by Talent Developers in getting relevant job content on which to build and package effective training programs.  Cowie introduces “Distributed Content Development” by contrasting a “page from the past” with a “page from the future” .  He states that organizations can capture relevant job content by training In-Company Mentors from experienced people already employed and teaching them to guide job entrants in the use of his “7 Steps to be seen mastering your new job quickly”.  He states how this can be done economically and very quickly; and in a way that will enhance customer satisfaction, employee loyalty, job productivity and bottom line improvements.

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